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Valley International Academy graduation requirements match or exceed the University of California requirements for eligibility.  All Valley International Academy students will be expected to fulfill our graduation requirements through their attendance at Valley International Academy or by combining courses taken at other institutions and at our school.

230 units are required for graduation.

Additionally, students must complete ten hours of community service for each year of attendance at Valley International Academy.

  • English – 4 years (40 units)
  • Mathematics – 3 years required (30 units); 4 years recommended
  • Social Science – 3 years (30 units)
  • Science – 3 years (30 units)
  • Visual and Performing Arts – 1 year (10 units)
  • Physical Education – 2 years (20 units)
  • Foreign language – 2 years (20 units) for US citizens
  • Electives – 5 years (50 units); for students taking ESL classes, the units earned from these courses may help fulfil elective requirements.

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